Many people think we just buy houses, well we will look at anything.  We are excited to announce the acquisition of this multi family property.  This property will be getting many upgrades including trash enclosure and [...]


This is a fully occupied 5 unit apartment building.  We worked with the owner to purchase this property without disturbing the tenants and making no changes to their current terms.  This made the transition easy for [...]


This purchase was a win for everyone involved.  The previous owners had worked with a developer to sell their property and when that deal fell apart they were left holding the bag.  We were able to [...]


We purchased this 8 unit building which set vacant for years. The building had significant issues which we have repaired and now the fun part of putting it back together and into service continues. We expect [...]


Not everything we purchase needs lots of work.  The value we provide comes in many forms.  We were able to help this family with the relocation of their father on their terms.  This home will be [...]


This was an incredible project.  We worked with an out-of-state owner in order for them to sell this home.  We conducted everything remotely so that the owner did not have to come to town!   By purchasing [...]


This project is to exciting to not share.  These are side by side duplexes that have set empty for years.  We will be giving them a complete siding, new windows, new roofs and everything new [...]


Excited to work with the former owners of this 10,000 square foot medical facility.  We were able to make a smooth transition of ownership creating a win for all parties involved including the commercial tenant with [...]


WOW this house was restored from the ground up.  The entire property had been neglected and overgrown.  We invested the money into the home that was long overdue replacing almost everything you can see from windows [...]


This was an exciting project as we were able to help a homeowner put cash in her pocket for a property she no longer wanted and did not have the energy to repair.  This property had [...]

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